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The Finnish society is quite safe. However, disruptions may occur even in normal conditions and seriously influence the life of many Finns. In recent years, the water supply crisis in Nokia, Central Finland, and the school shootings are examples of this.

Threat models have been compiled as the basis of preparedness for the security strategy for society. They are descriptions of situations that may endanger security in society and its vital functions. Threat models consist of the following:


  • a serious failure of the power supply
  • serious disruptions to telecommunications and information systems
  • serious disruptions to logistics
  • serious disturbances in the community infrastructure
  • a serious disruption to food supply
  • serious disturbances in the finance and payments system
  • failing access to public finances funding
  • a serious disturbance in the public health and well-being
  • major accidents, extreme weather conditions and environmental threats
  • terrorism and other type of crime posing a threat to society
  • serious disturbances in border management
  • political, financial and military pressure, and
  • the use of military force.


The authorities, organisations and companies can plan their preparedness by adapting the threat models to their own operating environment. For example, in many municipalities a preparedness plan has been drafted on the basis of the Security strategy for society.