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Security threats to the Finnish society may have an extensive influence. For example, if a communicable disease epidemics breaks out it is not just the well-being of people that is affected; hospitals may be over-burdened, schoolwork disrupted and even international traffic may be slowed down. Therefore different actors co-operate to prepare for threats.

Through co-operation it is guaranteed that necessary tasks will be performed and, at the same time, it is possible to avoid overlapping and cut down expenses incurred. The aim is to mobilize the resources of all actors when security in society is threatened. This is called the comprehensive defence approach. Through the comprehensive defence approach it is possible to uphold the functions of society, promote the well-being and security of citizens and safeguard Finland’s national sovereignty.

The functioning of co-operation is tested and developed in preparedness exercises which are organized by the ministries, regional administration, individual municipalities and various organisations.

Find out how different actors prepare for crises:

Security research

Finnish and international scientific and research communities produce all the time new information on security. The research helps the authorities, the business community and organisations to analyse their operating environment and to make preparedness plans for crises. In addition, it contributes to the development of new practical methods, tools and systems for crisis management.