etusivu_tunnus_110pxThe resources of the entire society are needed to maintain security in society both in normal times and in exceptional conditions. On these pages you find information and material about comprehensive preparedness.

What is the Security strategy for society 2010?

The preparedness of the different administrative branches is harmonised in the Security strategy for society. The goal of the strategy is to ensure the functioning of society, safeguard Finland’s national sovereignty and promote the security and well-being of citizens.


To reach this goal the functions vital to society are defined in this security strategy; the continuation of the basic matters that must be secured in all conditions. Also the areas for which the different ministries are responsible are described as well as who will be responsible for directing activities if a crisis occurs. Probable threat models and threat situations are discussed to facilitate preparedness.


The security strategy for society is a decision in principle of the Government which provides guidelines for and harmonises preparedness in the administrative branches and gives information of the grounds of preparedness also to other actors. The authorities decide on and are responsible for the implementation of the goals of decision in principle. The strategy is updated every few years, and most recently in 2010. The name of the document which formerly was known as Securing the Functions Vital to Society was then changed to the current one.


It is created in co-operation among the authorities, organisations and the representatives of the business community. The follow-up and development of the strategy is co-ordinated by the Secretariat of the Security Committee (TK) in co-operation with the heads of preparedness of the ministries.